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St. George Greek Orthodox Church - Neshannock Twnp PA

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A small group of Greek immigrants founded a small Orthodox congregation on the South Side in 1917. In early 1918 they occupied an old church on Howard Way which later became known as the St. George Greek Orthodox Church. In August 1929 they took possession of the former Grace Methodist Church (shown above) on East Reynolds Street. After remodeling this building they moved in and held their first service in early October 1929. (c1980)

In the 1960’s, after decades of growth, they began efforts to build a new building. Property was purchased along West Englewood Avenue in 1968 while fundraising efforts got underway. The new church (shown above), on which work commenced in March 1978, was formally dedicated on Sunday, May 20, 1979. (May 2014) Full Size

(May 2014)

(May 2014)

(May 2014) Full Size

(Apr 2014)

(Apr 2014)

St. George Greek Orthodox Church on West Englewood Avenue. The neighboring St. Camillus Catholic Church is partially visible at bottom of photo. (c2014)



  1. I grew up in that old church on the south side, I have a lot of pictures of it.

    Nick Epitropoulos · 06/24/2015 01:02 PM · #