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Pulaski Speedway - Pulaski PA

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The Pulaski Speedway, a half-mile dirt track featuring stock car racing, was opened just south of the village of Pulaski on July 13, 1951. It was located along Route 551 just south of where it intersects Route 208. It was opened for racing during the summer months and in early 1953 was taken over by the State Line Racing Association. The track frequently flooded and postponement of race events was a common occurrence. The track was closed for much of the 1957 season, but was reopened (with a smaller quarter mile track cut into the infield) as the all new Pulaski Speedway in July 1958. It seems the track was abandoned by the end of the season or soon after. (c1956) Full Size

(Jul 1952)

(Jun 1953)



  1. I grew up in Pulaski and my father took me to the opening race at the speedway. From then on I was hooked. I’ve been trying to find pictures of the track and the competitors cars. Unfortunately many of the drivers and owners have passed away. Is there anyone out there who can direct me to more information.
    One of the best drivers from New Castle was Emil Smolenik. he drove a Plymouth coupe with a Desoto Firedome V8 for power. He took the most spectacular flip I ever saw at the speedway. But that firedome was fast. Emil was injured in that accident but came back to race at Mercer for Godfrey Pontiac. in later years.
    Thank you very much for the photo. I’ll treasure it in my collection.

    Jim Winters

    James Winters · 11/01/2014 01:22 PM · #

  2. James,
    There are several areas to see Pulaski Speedway. Google-Old Pa Racetracks. Also Google Western Pa Auto Racing. There are volumes of photos of all the tracks. I lived in Volant when Pulaski was in operation and moved to Mercer. Yes Emil Smolenik was very good; I knew him when he drove for Don Godfrey #797.

    Al Byers

    Al Byers · 10/30/2015 09:02 PM · #

  3. I also grew up with racing as a young boy. My Dad would take me to the races at Sharon Speedway every Sunday afternoon. That was in the late 40s and early 50s when Sharon was a high banked half mile track. I also remember Pulaski. When i was 15 and 16 years old I met a fellow named Herb Turner from Brookfield, OH. and he owned a stock car. It was no. 60 and he would let me hang around the garage and help him on the car. I would go to the races with him and he would let me take the car out on the track and warm it up. He taught me a lot. I have pictures of that car when Bill McDonald ( his real name was Bill Instance) rolled it in to the Frog Pond during a heat race. I also have a couple of pictures I took of Dale Johnson’s car. Great memories and the best of times.

    Pat Pannelle · 03/20/2017 09:38 PM · #

  4. Raced there in1956 looking for list of drivers then

    Dave Turner · 09/08/2018 04:53 PM · #