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Hoover Heights CMA Church - South New Castle Boro PA

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In about June 1900 the Hoover Heights mission, a non-denominational house of worship, was founded was Morris Street in the Hoover Heights section of South New Castle Boro. Two years later the mission became affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA) Church, a Protestant denomination founded as a Christian outreach group in New York City back in 1887. The local church was subsequently referred to as the Hoover Heights Tabernacle of the CMA Church. A parsonage was opened on Morehead Avenue in 1919. The church, which celebrated in 100th anniversary in 2000, is still in active service today. (c1910) Full Size



  1. I was married at H.H. -1973.

    Sherry Slater · 08/07/2013 07:33 AM · #

  2. seeking information on my family from new castle pa. Robert and Rachel Abernathy, his father David Abernethy lived in Grove City. I am trying to find information regarding David’s parents from Ireland, not sure if they were ever in the USA.

    Bobette Abernathy Huggins · 01/19/2014 09:02 PM · #

  3. Remember being in Sunday School class and Vacation Bible School with you, Bobette. Would love to talk with you.

    Marlene Denny · 02/05/2015 01:56 AM · #