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Chewton Cemetery - Chewton PA

The Chewton Cemetery, sometimes referred to as the Booher Cemetery, is a small burial ground located in the village of Chewton, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. It is currently located in the north of Chewton, near where the northern leg of Murphy’s Cut Road joins Oswald Street. This cemetery is not to be confused with another nearby burial ground known as the Booher Cemetery, located along Duck Run (and Hollow Road) in Shenango Township.

In 1876 Samuel Booher (1808-1895) donated a one-acre plot of land on which the Primitive (or Snake Run) Methodist Church was established. The small congregation, which included Samuel Booher, was made up of former members of the Methodist congregations at Wampum and Mount Pleasant (near Snake Run). A small wooden frame church was built, but it seems the congregation was dissolved after a few years. It seems likely that the cemetery was located on or near the property where the church was situated.

As many as 35-45 people were eventually interred in the Chewton Cemetery, about half bearing the name Booher and others with surnames to include Andrews, Baker, Foy, Fosnaught, Houk, Kennedy, Morgan, and Richardson. There is talk that more people are buried in a “lost section” of the cemetery – across the road on the west side of Oswald Street. There are no markers or stones in the area directly across the road, but the grassy lot seems like a good possibility for burials.

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  1. This cemetery is not know as the Booher cemetery. Booher cemetery is located at Duck Run.

    Ron McCready · 06/29/2013 11:48 AM · #

  2. Hi,

    I would like to reiterate Mr. McCready’s comment. The Booher Cemetery was/is located in Shenango Twp. near where Henry Booher, Sr. resided, not in Wayne Twp. where the Chewton Cemetery is located and where these pictures were taken. Supposedly (?), the Booher Cemetery was/is located on the old Wilkinson farm property (NNW of Henry Booher’s property). If anyone knows the exact location of the Booher Cemetery, it would be great if the information could be made available. It would also be appreciated if the misinformation on this website could be corrected. Thanks!

    John Koning · 09/04/2013 01:58 AM · #

  3. Jeff, As a kid growing up in Chewton, I was all over the town (Chewton really isn’t that big). I don’t recall ever seeing a cemetery. Where exactly is the Chewton Cemetery located?

    Lou Modliszewski · 09/13/2013 09:28 PM · #

  4. Lou it is where Murphy’s Cut Road meets Oswald Street. I don’t know how old you are but when I was a kid this area was overgrown with weeds .

    Ron McCready · 09/16/2013 06:30 PM · #

  5. Ron, Thanks! I can’t count the number of times I passed by that spot on my bike, in a car, or walking and did not realize that there was a cemetery there. I was wondering around Chewton in the 50s and early 60s.

    Lou Modliszewski · 09/17/2013 05:06 PM · #

  6. Ron, Thanks! I can’t count the number of times I passed by that spot on my bike, in a car, or walking and did not realize that there was a cemetery there. I was wandering around Chewton in the 50s and early 60s.

    Lou Modliszewski · 09/17/2013 05:09 PM · #

  7. Lou do you know where the falls are in Chewton . When we were kids we would go swimming there.

    Ron McCready · 09/17/2013 06:50 PM · #

  8. Ron, There were two places where we went to swim. It seems funny now, but I can remember them both being referred to as Buttermilk Falls. The first was on the Scoczylas Farm. If you use Bing maps, you can see the falls. They are on Snake Run, in the woods directly west of the triangle formed by Oswald Street and Murphy Cut Road. The satellite view in Bing map was taken during winter – no leaves on the trees. The falls were 10 to 15 feet high and formed a deep hole at the base. Kids often dammed the run there to make the swimming better. There were a couple of other spots on Snake Run where we swam – one behind what was then Lon’s house. The other falls were off of Wampum Road where a creek flows under the road. This would be beyond the Rod and Gun Club and just past what was and may still be Strabryla’s Garage. I can’t remember if the falls were where the creek went under the higher set of train tracks, a little lower, or at the bottom set of tracks. Lou Mod

    Lou Modliszewski · 09/18/2013 10:10 AM · #

  9. Lou , the one we used was Oswald and Murphys Cut , Russell Murphy was my Grandfather , and when we visited in the summer we would go there to swim behind the Shallenbergers house.

    Ron McCready · 09/18/2013 04:07 PM · #

  10. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Ron McCready and John Koning, the cemetery you seem to be referring to (Booher Family Cemetery or Old Shenango Cemetery) is on private property off of Hollow Rd in Shenango Twnp. The Chewton Cemetery, which has a handful of Boohers buried there and located on property once owned by members of the Booher family, was often called the Booher Cemetery as well. Jeff

    Jeff Bales Jr (EDITOR) · 02/06/2014 02:39 AM · #

  11. When I was younger I went with my mother and Aunt’s to try to find a old cemetery in wampum PA that a couple of great aunt’s were buried . It took us many hours and getting lost before we found it ! I remember we passed the road to it several times because it looked like someone’s driveway when we turned on the road we drove down a dirt road and came to a old cemetery that was over grown and hard to look at the headstones I cannot remember the name of it but would like to visit again to do research can you tell me the name or the road I can look for

    val ervin · 07/20/2014 10:34 PM · #

  12. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Val, the burial ground you are referring to is St. Teresa (or Hoytdale) Cemetery. In the archives section of this website search under the links for HOYTDALE and you will a detailed page about it. Thanks for your post. Jeff

    Jeff Bales (EDITOR) · 12/18/2014 01:39 AM · #

  13. Hi: Wondering if you have an actual address or GPS of the Booher Cemetery/Old Shenango Cemetery? Also looking for a contact person as we are coming to PA next month and would like to visit the cemetery. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated! We’ll be happy to share any pictures we get with you.

    Rebecca · 07/07/2015 09:33 PM · #

  14. The pictures shown above are of the Booher Cemetery. It is now listed as abandoned. I kno this to be true because the cemetery is located right next to my grandparents property who have lived there since the late 50’s. A lot of the stones there are weathered and unreadable but there are graves dating back to the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Hope this information is of help.

    Tyler · 07/30/2015 05:11 PM · #

  15. It’s located on Oswald St in Chewton, Pa. It’s close to Murphy’s Cut Rd. if you look up the hill from the road slightly you’ll see the flags on two of the graves.

    Tyler · 07/30/2015 05:16 PM · #

  16. Hi: Can you tell me what Foys are buried in the Chewton
    Cemetery and if they have stones?
    Thanks, Susan

    Susan Sylvest · 05/17/2018 01:53 PM · #