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Ellwood's Diamond Jubilee Celebration - Ellwood City PA

Ellwood City celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding back in 1892 with a series of events throughout the summer of 1967. The summer featured a street carnival, a grand ball, various church services, musical concerts, fireworks displays, and several parades. Seventeen-year-old Susan D. Powell served as Miss Diamond Jubilee and was crowned during the Diamond Jubilee Ball held at the Sons of Italy Hall on August 5. The main Diamond Jubilee Parade (shown above), which featured lots of floats, classic cars, and marching bands, was held on Friday, August 11. A band passes along Lawrence Avenue in the photo above. Full Size

Antique cars travel east along Crescent Avenue, crossing over 6th Street, during the Diamond Jubilee Parade of August 11, 1967. Full Size

A sign advertising the 75th anniversary celebration is posted in front of the Municipal Building. (1967) Full Size