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Italian Christian Assembly Church/Highland Church of God - New Castle PA

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The Italian Assembly Christian Church, a Pentecostal order led by the Reverend Frank A. Maruso, was founded in 1925. A church was built at #215 Taylor Street in 1929 and a small mission church was also founded in West Pittsburg. The congregation started raising funds for a new building in 1957. In 1963 they purchased a prominent lot at #905 Highland Avenue from Grace Phillips Johnson for $31,000. They sold their old church building as plans for a new church, designed by the architectural firm of W. G. Eckles, got underway. In the meantime they held their services at the YMCA and in the Epworth United Methodist Church. The new Assembly Christian Church (shown above) cost $275,000 and was dedicated on Sunday, April 20, 1969. (1968 drawing) Full Size

The building later became home to the Highland Church of God, currently under the tutelage of Senior Pastors Ron and Karen Mounts. According to their website the congregation, “…is part of the world’s oldest continuing Pentecostal fellowship, the Church of God, with international headquarters in Cleveland, TN. This international organization operates over 5,000 churches in the United States and remains one of the fastest growing fellowships in the world.” (Mar 2012) Full Size

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The Church of God occupies the former site of the magnificent home of Thomas W. Phillips (1832-1912), a U.S. Congressman, religious leader, and founder of the T. W. Phillips Gas & Oil Company. The church bought the property in 1964 for $31,000. They subsequently razed the large Phillips mansion and erected the modern church. (Jul 2013) Full Size



  1. I am Pastor of the Christian Assembly/ Church of God at 905 Highland Ave. in New Castle, Pa.

    I recently viewed the photos you took in 2012

    I was very impressed

    Is it possible to have you update photos with our

    New yard sign.

    Pastor Ron Mounts

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