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New Bedford Creamery Company - New Bedford PA

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The New Bedford Creamery Company, which may have been around for a few years prior, was officially chartered as a corporation in January 1908. The main product made at this location was butter but it was a failed venture. The business was closed by early 1914, seized by the county sheriff in March 1915, and sold at public auction for $500 (by S.S. Shields) in July 1915. This was a typical scam of the time. Wealthy businessman would come in, establish a creamery business, sell inflated stock in a upstart company to local farmers, then turn the business completely over to the farmers/stockholders. The businessmen had their profits and would vacate the area. When left to the farmers/stockholders the creameries usually failed including ones located in Neshannock Falls, Harlansburg, and Nashua. (c1908) Full Size