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Downtown Photos 1900-1925 - New Castle PA

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East Washington Street looking west towards the Diamond. The sign for the Leslie Hotel is visible on left. (c1908) Full Size

East Washington Street. The Lawrence Savings & Trust Building visible in background. (c1908)

A policeman directs traffic at the intersection of East Washington and Mill Streets – with North Mill Street leading away to the north in the background. (c1913)

Business is good in the downtown area on East Washington Street. (c1909) Full Size

A street car heads up South Mill Street. (c1908) Full Size

Looking west along East Washington Street towards the Diamond. (c1909)

East Washington Street. (c1908)

Bird’s eye view looking northwest from East Washington Street. The First Methodist Church (on left with pointed spire) and the First Presbyterian Church (in center with square tower) are visible. (c1910)Full Size

East Washington Street. (c1908)

Looking east down East Washington Street from the Diamond, with the Shenango Light & Power (later Penn Power) building visible on left. ( (c1914)

The view from the Diamond looking east. (c1906) Full Size

East Washington Street depicted here on June 26, 1917. (1917)



  1. Does anyone know about a Jos. & Eve upholstering company at the corner of Liberty and Mahoning Aves, New Castle Pa around 1931?

    William Bird · 08/05/2012 07:14 PM · #

  2. I believe you caption for the 1st pix should say east Washington St looking west as the Leslie Hotel was on the corner of Mercer St and E.Washington St.

    Ray Ketler · 09/08/2012 06:45 PM · #

  3. does anyone have photos of e north st 1920 to 1945

    ernie · 04/29/2015 08:23 PM · #

  4. I am searching for my real grandmothers grave…maiden name Mamary died in 1919 or 1920. Married my grandfather Michael Esber
    (alias:Mike CAsper Peter. They married around 1915 or 1916. My grandfather Mike Peter was very ative in the political representation of syrian refugees who could not speak english….I am searching for my grandmothers grave…than you.

    Diane Bush Reynolds · 03/25/2016 06:07 PM · #