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St. Teresa's (Hoytdale) Cemetery - Getting There

This map shows the hidden location of St. Teresa’s Cemetery in Hoytdale. The red line indicates the route to follow with your car. Go slow and be mindful of the residents. I would suggest you DO NOT drive across the railroads tracks and park – as trains servicing the steel plant in Koppel may stop and block your exit. (c2012)

Look for this sign along the eastern side of Route 18. It’s almost directly across from where Old Wampum Road rejoins 18 about a mile north of Koppel.

The gravel driveway you must turn on and then follow to the right alongside the line of trees.

As you turn right off the driveway you will follow this grassy path. If you follow the worn tire tracks you can see where they lead towards an opening ahead.

Keep going and this stop sign and railroad tracks/crossing will come into view.

Looking back from near the railroad crossing.

If you park just shy of the stop sign the secluded cemetery is visible across the railroad tracks.

Looking north along the tracks (towards Wampum). Several large cemetery stones are visible up the embankment to the right.

Looking back towards the railroad crossing from just inside the cemetery grounds.



  1. My grandmother, grandfather and two of my sisters who died in infancy are buried in the Hoytdale Cemetery.

    We visited the cemetery very often when I was growing up near Wampum and played in the ruins of the Church (when my parents were not looking. My parents often spoke of walking the tracks to and from Koppel for Mass.

    I love to visit now even though it is not often. The sounds of water and the fragrance of wild flowers in the spring are my favorite.

    Thank you

    Grace Fabich · 01/01/2012 02:13 PM · #

  2. My grandmother, great aunt and great grandparents are buried there. I visit every year but still have not been able to locate a few of them. With no records available I am at a loss as to where they were buried. Anyone who knows of the Harkins name, specifically Bridget and Henry, please let me know.
    Thank you,

    EILEEN HARKINS DARRAH · 02/08/2013 09:10 PM · #

  3. I have read the details in an effort to find buried loved ones.

    The Hoytdale (St. Theresa’s Catholic) Cemetery off Rt. #18 does not show the Harkins name – documentated by the the WPA in 1936!

    See this is a problem that the RC church responsible for all manner of upkeep should do a service for local and not so local families today who have family members buried on Roman Catholic grounds?

    I have tried to get anyone to hear my plea?
    The church maintenance super – seemed my call for assistance was a bother? He is a busy man! So are we all. It took me 18 years to find where my family members were buried and of course attended the RC church in Hoytdale 1894-1900 and beyond.

    So was I a little too excited to ask details about the church and grounds- location to my folks burial – you bet.

    It would be nice to see that a documentated layout of ALL headstones (seen or maybe hard to see – and those unseen that are really there)of burials be done?

    So that family members can honor and pray over the departed members? Who has a sound deepth checker – it can be funded by me an others who know (for sure) where family members are buried.

    Am I being clear enough? We need help? Who can fund it – maybe an approved RC church go fund me???

    If enough people and the RC church (locally) could assist ??? while those of us way out of the area can’t do it ourselves – it would be appreciated. My great gread folks are buried at the end of the church – where is that?

    Thanks for reading,


    Daniel Ratajski · 07/26/2015 10:19 AM · #