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Frazier's Pond - Neshannock Twnp PA

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Frazier’s Pond, along Old Plank Road just north of the New Castle city limits, was a popular recreation spot during the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was owned and operated by John P. Frazier (1901-1961), a contractor by trade, and his wife Pearl, who served as a local Justice of the Peace for a few years. Ice skating and fishing were the main activities on the pond. It seems it was open to the public until about the mid-1970’s. (c1973)

Advertisement for Frazier’s Pond. (Jan 1964)

A modern-day aerial view of Frazier’s Pond along Old Plank Road in Neshannock Township. (c2014)



  1. I am amazed that the island is gone. For so many years, that island housed ducks and about half a dozen trees. My uncle (who lived at 316 Lake Drive) swore that that island was where the big carp liked to hang out. In the summer, he would be out there, trying to catch the biggest carp in the pond.

    Estella · 04/11/2018 01:46 PM · #