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Charles Fassinger & Sons Manufacturing Co. - New Castle PA

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German-born Charles W. Fassinger Sr. (1879-1960) came to the United States as a young boy and settled in Pittsburgh with his family. At the age of twelve he started working with Oliver Iron & Steel and became an expert machinist. He spent the next forty-five years working with the firm, eventually becoming Vice President. (c1935)

In early 1939, at the age of sixty, Fassinger resigned to start his own company in New Castle. Along with his four sons he founded Charles Fassinger & Sons, which made specialized “hub bolts” for the automobile industry. The firm became internationally renowned for its bolt technology. (c1957)

Charles Fassinger Sr. served as President while his four sons – Chuck, Walt, Jack, and Jim – operated the business. Oldest son Charles “Chuck” Fassinger Jr. (on right), who headed up production and maintenance efforts, is shown here with his own son Richard “Dick” Fassinger. It was truly a family affair. (c1957)

Walter “Walt” Fassinger, who along with his brother Jack was a skilled dentist, was in charge of quality control for the company. The Fassingers had a longtime partnership to supply hub bolts to General Motors (Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, etc…). The Fassinger firm remained in business for over four decades and ceased operations in the mid-1990’s. (c1957)