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Beaver Bullet - Beaver Falls PA

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The Beaver Bullet, with a 450-inch engine built by the Wisconsin Motor Company, was designed and built in Beaver Falls by Charles L. Rogers and Charles F. Keene. Keene entered the car in the 200-lap “Indianapolis 500,” which was held on May 30, 1914. He qualified with an average speed of 86.87 mph, placing him 27th in the 30-car field. He did manage to finish 8th overall and was awarded $1,600 in prize money. The race winner, Frenchman Rene Thomas, took home a total of $39,750. (1914) Full Size



  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am cataloging all the cars that ran in the 1914 Indianapolis race and wondered if I could please buy a copy of the photograph or a scan of the Beaver Bullet car Number 5 driven by Charles Keene.
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    Simon Diffey .

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