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* Welcome to LawrenceCountyMemoirs.com. My name is Jeff Bales Jr. and this site was designed to document various aspects of the history of Lawrence County & surrounding areas in Western Pennsylvania. New content is being added on a weekly basis. Please send along all comments to me at jjbales@inbox.com.

* SEND ME PICTURES. I am very eager for any historical information, old photos, mementos, etc… relating to Lawrence County and surrounding areas. Please contact me if you have anything to share. I would to love post some personal stories as well.

* Thanks for everyone that has been sending me information and photos recently. I appreciate the support!

* Was a real pleasure meeting Harry Banks recently. He has lots of stories related to working on the railroad in the New Castle area.

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Celebrate Lawrence County!

Our hometown county has a storied history and "Seeing" New Castle and nearby environs is something I always appreciate. Thanks to everyone that has contributed photos and information to make this website an amazing success since it went online in August 2011. I am firmly committed to seeing this site grow even more in the coming years. Thanks again for all the support!


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Featured Story

In the early 1900's a criminal syndicate popularly known as the Black Hand Society controlled the Italian community in Hillsville. To learn more about the history of this group and how they were eventually brought down click on the photo above.

Mystery Photos

I have a handful of photos in my possession that are a mystery to me. Click on the photo above to go into the mystery photo section and see if you can help me identify these images. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Favorite Photos

I have traveled all up and down Lawrence County and nearby areas in the last few years and taken thousands of photos. I have now compiled some of my favorite photos on one page. Click on the photo above to take a look at the collection.